Welcome to The Four Part Land

The Four Part Land is the home of a series of fantasy novels written by James Tallett. Tarranau is finished and for sale! Chloddio is in second stage edits, and will be launched summer 2012. The third book, tentatively titled Læccan Waters, is in first draft writing.

The Four Part Land simmers with discontent, as old rivalries and ancient grudges bubble to the surface. The great kingdoms plot and scheme against one another, looking to use treachery to gain an advantage in the upcoming conflict. Into these rivalries comes new treachery as assassins strike from the shadows, and magic battles magic, until open warfare becomes inevitable. Some rulers will succeed, and some will fail, but each kingdom dares against all comers.

Into this cauldron of malice is thrust a young mage named Tarranau. Exiled from his home by a vicious mage, ripped from his friends and family, he is forced to undertake a perilous journey across The Four Part Land, in answer to a goal he does not yet understand. Along the way Tarranau finds unexpected friends and implacable enemies, and has his eyes opened to a world more sinister than any he had imagined.

On the left, you will find information about The Four Part Land, as well as excerpts from Tarranau. Pay particular attention to the histories, for in these lands, history fuels many grudges. On top of that history has been forged new alliances, as kingdoms great and small vie for their place in the sun. Magic is a frequent tool of these competitors, and some are even willing to cross the boundary into the world of the dead spirits in the quest for power.

Come in and read a fresh work of fantasy literature, brilliantly envisioned and brought to life in Tarranau, the first of a trilogy covering the sweep of war across The Four Part Land.